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The Ideal Partner

If you believe you have the leadership skills, commitment level and determined grit it takes to be an independent franchise owner, we'd love to talk with you. Qualified candidates possess:

Successful business management experience

Financial prowess

Experience in the restaurant industry

An eagerness to learn

Growth-oriented focus

Proven leadership

A true love and appreciation for Nashville hot chicken

Of course, there are financial requirements that all franchise candidates must meet. However, our top applicants stand apart from others with their personal characteristics.

If you exhibit a love for people, a passion for food and an inherent drive to succeed, you're already at the top of our list.

If you think that even the best menu is nothing without exemplary, personalized customer service, you've got our attention.

If you're just a little too obsessed with Nashville hot chicken, enjoy a bit of heat on your tongue and enjoy pushing personal and culinary boundaries - we just may have space for you.

Contact our franchise support team now to find out more.

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