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Our History

About Us

Although we were raised to never brag or boast, we just can't help being exceptionally proud of Big Shake's and our Nashville Hot Chicken. With Shawn's perfecting of spice blends, batters, and marinades, our recipes set the standard for Nashville hot chicken, fish, and every side we offer.

So who is this Big Shake fella?

Our intrepid leader, Shawn "Chef Big Shake" Davis got his first taste of the food industry when his mom decided her 12-year-old boy needed a summer distraction and sent him off to work at C.J. Palermo's restaurant in Ocean Beach, Fire Island. Little did she know she was spawning in her young son a passion for culinary arts.

That 30-minute ferry trip Shawn took every day that summer to get to Fire Island turned into a seasonal post for the next several years. Under the mentorship of Giovanni Palermo, Shawn learned the ins and outs of the kitchen and the business as a whole. Always diligent and committed, little Big Shake would work his way from dishwasher to head chef, learning all he could, over the next several years, about the restaurant industry.

When Shawn left C.J. Palermo's in 1990, he realized his experience there proved to be life-changing. Not only did it ignite his passion for food, but it also laid the groundwork for his inspirational and entrepreneurial journey ahead.

With an extensive background in catering, project management, and meal preparation, Big Shake was able to create a nationally-recognized alternative to basic beef burgers, inspired by his daughter's very strict personal diet. His unique recipe for shrimp burgers earned him a spot on ABC's Shark Tank. With a variety of shows featuring both the shrimp burger and the hot chicken restaurant, the rest is history.

Big Shake's Hot Future

At Big Shake's we're looking to send the quality and flavor of our food all over the nation.

Based on the undeniable popularity of our mouthwatering chicken, we know we've chanced upon an opportunity that not only allows us to grow, but invites entrepreneurs like you to grow with us. With a goal of placing a Big Shake's Nashville Hot Chicken restaurant in every state, we've developed a franchise plan that will undoubtedly shake up the industry.

Founded on the tenets of integrity and honesty, and bolstered by an unstoppable work ethic, our team promises franchisees a system of training and support that was engineered to ensure long-term financial success. As a valued part of the Big Shake's family, your personal fulfillment and financial accomplishments are important to us.

Though you'll always enjoy a fun and welcoming vibe when dealing with our team members, each one is exceedingly serious when it comes to quality, opportunity and of course - chicken.

Wanna know what it takes to join the Big Shake's big movement? Visit our franchisee qualifications page for a breakdown of all the pertinent info.

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